DGM is a full service lifestyle, management, event production, branding, marketing and PR firm catering to companies seeking media presence and elevated brand awareness in the social media.  DGM prides itself in producing result-driven public programs that provide maximum impact, cost effectiveness, and guaranteed client satisfaction.

DGM was created by veteran entertainment executive Desmarie Guyton with 16 years of experience from personal artist representation to major record label work, DGM fuses corporate with entertainment by understanding the needs of PR, multi cultural brand building marketing and the machine to operate it.


2 responses to “About

  • Steven Gibson

    My daughter has shown interest with A&R. Can you recommend schools she should consider?

    Should focus her studies to marketing and advertising to be a successful A&R manager.

    Thank You in Advance.

    • dgmmgmt

      Hi Steven,

      I apologize for the late reply. I’m happy to hear about your daughters interest in music and A&R. There’s really no school to prepare you for that job itself..but I would agree that she keeps her focus on marketing and advertising, as well as taking some music theory classes. To do A&R you got to love music!

      Check out Full Sail. That may be a good place to start.


      Desmarie Guyton

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